Generate your own picture gallery with but a doubleclick !!



For the picture-gallery generator to work, you need a PERL-Interpreter with the Image::Magick Module

Components for Windows for Unix/Linux
PERL-Interpreter (latest version at: ) should already be installed on system by default
ImageMagick (latest version at: ) apt-get install perlmagick (on Debian)
Picture-Gallery Generator
Picture-Gallery Generator V1.1 (zip) Picture-Gallery Generator V1.1 (tar) -> at the moment same as the windows-version
Installation- and Usage-Guide (Microsoft Word) Installation- and Usage-Guide (not yet ready: use Windows guide)
Current Version 1.1
Last Update 08.01.2006
Release Notes

Version 1.1      Leonard Chew    21.11.2005
-> outsourcing of javascript to ./lib/functions.js
-> added css file in ./lib/styles.css
-> in PLAY-Mode: WAIT_TIME to load new image begins after image is fully loaded on page.
                 This eliminates the annoyance of the next page being loaded when
                 the current image hasn't finished loading.
-> umlaute "" in jpg and html filenames are substituted with "aeoeue"
-> spaces " " in jpg and html filenames are substituted with underscore "_"

Version 1.0.3    Leonard Chew    01.04.2005
-> java-script modification for cookie