Ernesto 'Che' Guevara

1928 Born to a middle-class family in Argentina
1953 Finished medical school and became doctor
1953/1954 Visited Guatemala and witnessed the invasion, which overthrew an elected government trying to solve social problems. The invastion led to a military dictatorship, unleashing 45 years of pitiless repression.
1955 Met Fidel Castro in Mexico. The Cubans nicknamed him 'Che' for the interjection 'che', that Argentines frequently use in their sentences.
1955-1959 Was made Commandante, and won several battles to ensure Fidel Castros victory against former President Batista.
1959 Was granted Cuban citizenship and became head of several ministries.
1960 After visiting many countries, Che became convinced that the poverty he had witnessed throughout Latin America could only be corrected by a continent-wide revolution.
1965 Became a determined Marxist and withdrew from public life to help organize left-wing rebels in the Congo.
1966 Established a base in Bolivia with his group of combatants.
1967 Bolivian troops were able to track down Che, and capture him.
1967 After consultation with military leaders in Washington, Che was shot.
1997 The remains of Che's body were returned to Cuba.